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Ultra Pro Retail Price Guarantee Policy

Ultra PRO is committed to making sure that you don’t have buyer’s remorse when an item you purchase from our store goes on sale shortly after. Here are the details of our price guarantee policy. If an item goes on sale, for less than you paid, within

Why was my order cancelled?

There are several reasons an order may be cancelled. Listed below are the most common:. Exceeds Order Limit. Due to the high demand for some of our products, we are enforcing strict order limits per household per week, as mentioned in the product lis

How can I use coupons, promotions, and gift cards together?

Coupons, promotions (such as free shipping), and gift cards can all be applied in the same transaction. It should be noted that coupons apply before promotions. This means that if your order total is reduced (by a coupon) below the threshold for the

What email address do restock notifications come from?

Emails regarding restocks will come from [email protected]. To be notified of restocks please use the yellow "Notify Me" button at the bottom of any sold out product listing.

Why is everything out of stock?

Sometimes cool things happen in the collectibles market and make some of our products entirely too popular, and we have to try our best to catch up with demand. If you want to be notified when specific items are back in stock, you can enroll in notif

How can I check when an out of stock item is available?

You can sign up to be notified when items become available simply by clicking the yellow "Notify Me When Available" button directly on the product listing you are looking for. After this, you will receive an email from [email protected] when the item b

Which size shirt should I get?

Measured across the chest one inch below armhole when laid flat. Measure From CB Neck to Shoulder Point to Finished Sleeve Hem. Measured from high point shoulder to finished hem at back.