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Ultra Pro Retail Price Guarantee PolicyUpdated 7 months ago

Ultra PRO is committed to making sure that you don’t have buyer’s remorse when an item you purchase from our store goes on sale shortly after. Here are the details of our price guarantee policy. 


If an item goes on sale, for less than you paid, within 30 days of the purchase date, we will provide you with a gift card for the price difference under the new sale. Some conditions apply:

  • This policy does not apply to:
    • products that were not available or were sold out during the sale
    • limited quantity/edition or promotional items
    • new prices from single-use coupons or promotional codes
    • items that were excluded from the sale
    • Flash Sales under 48 hours
  • We will apply any codes from your original purchase in the adjustment calculation if they would have been able to be used during the sale. Meaning, if welcome coupon codes, influencer coupon codes, or free shipping codes were able to be used during the sale, yours would still be honored.
    • In instances where a code was applied to the order that would not have applied during the sale, the customer will receive whichever provides the best discount. The customer would receive a gift card for the difference in the price, if applicable.
  • If your order subtotal would have dropped below the free shipping threshold of $50, a shipping fee will be subtracted from the amount of the gift card.
    • Note: Orders cannot be edited or added to in order to circumvent this condition. If the order is still pending, and you would like to cancel and replace the order, let us know.
  • The gift card will be:
    • attached to the account/email used to place the order
    • site specific (UPI, UPE, EU, Legion, etc)
    • valid for 180 days


Please note that this policy is subject to change without notice.

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