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Can I still order customized nameplates from Ultra PRO?

We regret to inform you that the nameplate engraving promotion has officially ended. While we intended for the promotion to only last the year, we were happy to honor the promotion with mail-in entries for several years beyond the launch. Any mail-in

How do I get a replacement for defective items?

How we support you each step of the way:. Consumers:. We are so sorry that the Ultra PRO product you received is not as expected. In manufacturing, defects are rare but certainly can happen. In the event you receive an item you believe to be defectiv

I'm having an issue with an Amazon order, can you help me?

We are sorry to hear about the shipping experience you are having with your order. Amazon manages the order fulfillment and shipping on our behalf thus we (the manufacturer) do not have access to shipping and delivery details for your purchase. Pleas

My Ultra PRO game is missing components!

We are so sorry that you received a game that was not in good working condition. There are a couple resolutions to this particular concern, depending on the frequency of the particular defect you are experiencing. So, you will need to reach out to ou

How do I know which stores carry Ultra PRO?

You can find a list of stores that carry our products HERE. However, this is just a list that we have complied, and by no means includes every hobby store that sells Ultra PRO products - as most do!. Not all stores will carry every item we make - ove

Do you offer discounts for military, teachers, or any other special groups?

Not at this time. Since Ultra PRO is a global company, and we do not currently have the knowledge or resources to vet credentials for a global community. We may offer limited time deals for such groups surrounding specific promotions - to best stay u