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What are Holofoil Playmats?Updated 7 months ago

Holofoil playmats have entered the chat and we are excited to talk about them! The shimmery, subtly fractal material is just as soft and safe as our standard playmat fabric while adding a little pizzazz. Holofoil playmats are made with the same rubber base as our standard playmats and include bordered stitching to add to the premium feel. There are also no appliques or finishes, so you don’t have to worry about time and use dulling your playmat’s sparkle! 


Below are the answers to some questions we think you may have:


How can I clean my holofoil playmat?

Same as our other playmats! Instructions can be found HERE


What if I spill something on my holofoil playmat?

Gently wash the area with a damp rag and air dry. Any gentle color-safe stain removers are also safe to use on these playmats, including a Tide-Pen or similar. Note: repetitive scrubbing can be damaging to any material, we recommend gently scrubbing when working out a stain. 


Will the holofoil material damage my cards or sleeves?

Nope! These playmats are just as soft - and protect your cards from damage - as our standard cloth playmats. 


Do you make a holofoil playmat without the stitched edge?

Nope! All holofoil playmats are and will continue to have a stitched edge. 


How do holofoil playmats come packaged?

Holofoil playmats come rolled and packaged in a cardstock box, like all other Ultra PRO playmats. For reference: <image>


Do holofoil playmats fit in Ultra PRO Playmat Tubes?

Yes, they do! You will need to roll them a little tighter than a regular playmat, but they WILL fit safely. 

Is it safe to roll or fold holofoil playmats?

Yep, it sure is! They actually come rolled in packaging and also fit in Ultra PRO Playmat Tubes.


Are any metals used in the holofoil material?

There are trace amounts of aluminum present in the playmat materials. Those with metal sensitivities please be advised. 


Are holofoil playmats light sensitive? 

Holofoil playmats are not any more light sensitive than any other printed playmat. We always advise against storing your collectibles in direct sunlight.


Will the holofoil effect peel?

No, the holofoil effect is build directly into the playmat material, therefore, there are no additional layers to peel or separate. 

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